Masters Section

     •  All Masters Including Unit, Category, Item Master, Dept. Master, Party Master , Location Master

Administrator Area

     •  Users Right Setting Form

     •  Machine Connectivity coding

Comparison Statement between Parties for Purchase Material Requisition

     • Material & Qty Requisition Form to be send to different Parties for Quotation

     • To feed the rates of material according to quotation given by Parties.

     • Comparative Statement Generation including VAT & other related Taxes & Print.

     •  of Parties & related material approved for Purchase Order

Purchase Section

     •  Purchase Order Generation & Print

     •  After material receives, Entry of material according to D.C & hence updating of stock.

     •  Purchase bill Entry after receiving of Purchase Bill

     •  In case of any problem, Purchase Return Facility & Print. – Rs.2000/-

     •  Purchase Payment Entry

     •  Outstanding Purchase Payment Form

Material Distribution to Dept.

     •  Indent Form for Material Requisition from Dept.

     •  Material Issue Voucher (Distribution) to Dept. according to Indent No.

     •  In case of Repairy, Material submitted to Store.

     •  Material submitted to Vendor / Technician for repairy

     •  Repairy Charges & Material Intake after repairy & distributed to related Dept.

     •  Moving Item to SCRAP

     •  Removing Item from SCRAP & provision to add in a stock.

Stock Inventory Management

     •  Stock Entry form for current stock updation

               a) For Store

               b) For Department

     •  In case of Purchase – Addition to stock of item.

     •  In case of Purchase Return – stock removed.

     •  In case of distribution to Dept. updation to store & dept. stock.

               i.e. addition to dept. & removed from store stock.

     •  Dept.-to-Dept. Transfer of Stock.

     •  To keep separate Inventory of each item according to purchase, distribution etc.

     •  Material Requisition from Minimum level available of stock of Store.

     •  In case of Consumption, removal of stock from related Dept. stock of material

Reports Section

     •  Purchase Report

     •  Item Stock Register - Inventory

     •  Dept. Stock Register - Inventory

     •  Period wise From date – To date report of material

     •  Of Store –op. balance- issued items to dept. –closing bal

     •  Of Dept for Consumable stock statement– Op. Bal. – Material Issued from Store – Total Qty –             Qty. used in Dept. – Qty Bal.

     •  Store Stock Report

     •  Consumed Material Report by Dept.

     •  Material for repairy report.

     •  Category wise Dept. stock report

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