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Thank you for visiting SASPL corporate web site. Welcome to explore the value driven dimensions of the SASPL.

We have made conscious attempt to incorporate a unique assortment of the best attributes found in both large & small organizations. We have the talent, infrastructure and processes at par with the professional companies of reckonable size.

However what we do not have is the redundancy that massive marketing & management fact, which is generally associated with the bulky organization. Instead, we have retained a lean business model with a very personalized touch that is typical with small, privately held company. Indeed, most of SASPL growth has come not from scouting by top notch marketing professionals, but from the time tested basic principle of retaining existing clients & growing through references.

True, All successful service organizations attribute their growth to keeping running costs competitively lower and giving that personal touch in their services. While a thorough evaluation of this assertion obviously requires a detailed introspection one can look in the pricing mechanism of the vendor. Is the high unit cost is being charged (a) for the superior quality of the services or (b) as a cover up for the expensive exercise associated with ‘Brand' building? Chances are that if your prospective vendor has consistently managed top rankings with the likes of Gartner, there are places he has gone overboard. Building & sustaining trademarks takes a lot of effort, a debatable effort.

It starts with the high profile presentation by the top notch MBA professional who pays you the visit. An overwhelmingly impressive presentation, it shows you brilliant armies of reserve resources waiting to undertake your projects. State-of-the-art luxurious resorts to house these armies. Rank holders in the newest CMM level rat races. Consolidating Acquisitions & Mergers. Dizzying height of stocks. A consistently happy media & so on. And the above effort costs money, lots of it. And someone has to pay for it. Traditionally, it’s the customer.

Now if you are mildly thirsty, with the deep pockets and a lot of time it does make sense to wait for your order in a popular, classy restaurant for a glass of coke. However, if quenching thirst is your only objective a more speedy, efficient and economical approach would be to pick up the same coke from a drive- thru of a fast food joint. And that is the difference between working with a hyped offshore services company and SASPL. It is only the perception that with the aura of a generously proportioned organization the ground realities are quite different. While the quality of output of the two companies is comparable, there is absolutely no comparison between speed of execution and economics.

This is the guarantee that I extend as the CEO of SASPL. SASPL is the value driven, privately held company run by a conservative management that does not believe on roller coaster rides. A debt free company from day one, our Philosophy has been to build a stable company of reckonable size & quality in a robust and steady manner. And it has worked!

As we continue to march on, we realize that our strengths can rightly be manifested in our value delivery through encapsulation of operational excellence. We are confident that our horizontal and vertical focus areas, carved out of our robust experience, can get tremendous value out of our strategic partnerships. We feel that our focus itself sets us apart from the other service providers, since what we do not only help our clients, cut their costs down substantially, but also is unique and proven over the years, year after year.

Going forward, we are poised to move further up in the services value chain and are set to make specific interventions into the business processes of our customers in the chosen focus areas. Our consulting led approach to the market shall enable us to provide end-to-end solutions, through the power of IT, to the looming business problems at large.

I would like to wrap up here by acknowledging that SASPL is a learning organization with an open culture, exciting working environment and a firm value system. We enjoy our associations with our customers and feel confident that our value driven and consulting led approach shall add value to our customer's business processes and the bottom line.

I welcome you to talk to us and evaluate our offerings.
Thanks again for stopping by our website and taking a moment to assess the views penned down by the management.

Thank You.
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