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We are a strong team of 7 years old company with huge experience of delivering a wide range of IT services to clients all over the world from our base in Pune in India. We have low attrition too so your team is not going to disappear overnight. We deliver great quality and great value.

We work hard to get external accreditation for our work, not for the sake of it, but to show the outside world that we self-impose a rigorous discipline in all we do. It’s for the benefit of you, our clients. And if you benefit then we believe we will too.

We won’t steal your ideas and will guarantee that you get all your IPR.

Furthermore, you won’t find many companies like us who place such strong emphasis on information and data security. You can be absolutely sure that your sensitive information is safe with us, during development and any other phases of the lifecycle we are involved in.
Innovation is the key to success for SASPL. We strive to provide you with a latest industry innovation in your project as well as focus on providing a high aesthetic value to your users.
Quality Performance
Rich User Experience is the essence of every IT business and we see to it that the best quality experience is enabled for your users. The high performance and functionality is delivered through technology innovations and a value-adding User Experience is ensured throughout to the end.
Timely Delivery
Timely delivery is a very essential feature of all SASPL services. We try to give you maximum benefit of swift and effective delivery of your Software and Web tools that help you interact with your customers smoothly and flawlessly.
Cost Efficiency
We serve all scales of businesses from start-ups to medium scaled ventures with cost-effective solutions that suit their particular business model. We correctly identify your needs and offer you the right mix of IT solutions that help you achieve your business goals effectively.
We also assist you in reducing the process delays and eventual bottlenecks by providing extensive IT maintenance and 24X7 technical support which help retain your consumers and their long-term satisfaction.
Result-Oriented Solutions
In IT solutions such as E-Commerce Website or Applications, a rich user experience and effective interaction play the vital role. Precisely why, we create ‘Measurable Innovation’ that provides a high business value and consumer retention through a user-friendly, highly functional and a value-adding User Interface.
SASPL is home to an expert team of talented and experienced IT professionals. All our team members sport good educational background and are committed to bring the latest innovations in each project. From a technological upgradation to aesthetic experience, we pay equal attention to all the factors of your project and try to deliver maximum value that sustains for a long term.
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